Exterior Brick Mouldings

Finding the Perfect Fit

When building a new house, addition or replacing your existing windows brick to brick, exterior brick moulds are essential. They create a traditional wood look for aesthetics and help seal against water and air infiltration. In new construction they can come with an optional nailing fin to make installation easier, and help seal the windows to the structure of the house. For full window replacement, factory installed brick moulds seal the whole window system to the exterior facade and keep the look of original window construction. We have an extensive choice of sizes and styles to suit almost any application.

5916 1
  • Standard Brick Moulding

    5916 - 1 3/16" with nail fin
    5936 - 1 3/16" no nail fin

  • 5923

    Groove Cover

  • 5900

    3/8 inch Brick Mould

  • 5901

    1" Brick Mould

  • 5902

    1 1/2 inch Brick Mould

  • 5903

    1 inch Extended Brick Mould

  • 5919

    1 7/8 inch Brick Mould

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